Week 01 – Lab Reflection

1a) Innovation + Society Lab Reflection
I am currently doing this semester virtually from my home in India. It took me a while to find
something innovative in my immediate surrounding that I had never thought or appreciated
before. While thinking about it one of the things that came to my mind was how cables are
managed for my computer and the internet in my house.
Unlike America, in India internet cables are pulled up manually in buildings, there is no proper
cable management built into the buildings especially the ones that were constructed several
years ago. However, when we were renovating our house we knew how ugly cables look when
left unmanaged. In the first picture as you can see, that’s my setup. From the outside it looks
like a very minimal amount of cables for a complex computer setup. However, that’s all because
of the construction that went behind managing the abundance of cables that are used for the
wifi and the computer.
As you can see in the next few pictures, to manage the number of cables we had to cut a wedge
so that the cables could go through the drawers up to the router, monitor and the speakers. We
then punched a hole into the table top and covered it with a cable managing holder to get all the
cables above the table without it showing and making the space look cluttered and ugly.
Another interesting observation was that the internet cables from the cable provider come from
behind the furniture, and are hidden, that makes the space look beautiful as well as does a
great job hiding unnecessary cables.
Although cable management is an innovation we would not usually appreciate, however when
you think about it, you realise how complex and beautiful the construction really is.
As compared to my house, in America the buildings are made keeping cable and wire
management in mind. The internet providers have their cables already pulled in from within the
walls so that to connect to wifi all a person has to do is find a round outlet and connect his/her
router to it. That’s another brilliant way of managing cables and keeping them uncluttered.

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