Week 03 – Lab Reflection + Reading Response

Lab Assignment

Through my observation at the DRES facility, I noticed a lot of strategies that I found interesting. For example, the elevator at the DRES facility are different from regular elevators. The buttons are made to be more accessible to students with disabilities. This emphasizes the relationship between the students with disabilities and the facilities ability to promote accessibility. Both the facility and the students need to communicate in order for the innovations to work. An example fo the interdisciplinary partnerships DRES has developed would be the USA Special Olympics team. This provides people with disabilities representation in the world of sports and the University of Illinois represents majority of the team in the United States. Their work with the Special Olympics helps them receive international recognition from governments. The last photo talks about the history of Beckwith Hall. It shows the development of the facility and the growth of the PA services. This service helps the students with disabilities receive first hand care from professionals.

  • Three photos:
  • Three Memorable Quotes:
    • “Even though I faced a lot of difficulties, DRES gave me the support and encouragement I needed to be able to graduate and get a job at Microsoft.”
    • “The presence of a problem is the absence of an idea.”
    • “Provide DRES students with the opportunity to study abroad.”

Overall, I believe the biggest challenge DRES faces in extending their story and impact is financial sustainability and funding. These are extremely difficult to receive from the government. A lot of these innovations require funding in order to fulfill the projects.

Reading Response

The first successful strategy used by African American students and the Black Students Association was called the 1968 Special Equal Opportunities Program. According to Frederick E Hoxie, “the BSA demanded that the university hire more black professors, establish a black cultural center, and organize an African American studies program” (220). This strategy helped to develop courses that embraced African American faculty members from social sciences, humanities, and fine arts (Hoxie 221). This was successful in promoting inclusion because it provided African American faculty members to connect with other African American members of the university. I would say BSA’s work is not complete yet because the group should continue to provide guidance and growth to African American students and their community. The next strategy was not as successful as the first one. According to Joy-Ann Williamson-Lott, “the SEOP participants were invited to arrive in Urbana-Champaign one week before other incoming students in the fall of 1968” (80). This strategy did not give the SEOP participants enough time to fulfill course placement tests and financial aid packages (Williamson-Lott 80). This was not successful because it did not prepare SEOP students with enough time to prepare for the academic year. The final strategy was as successful in helping the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. According to Williamson-Lott, “the Committee on Human Relations and Equal Opportunity proposed collecting racial data for all students, a suggestion that coincided with the 1964 Civil Rights Act…” (60). These figures emphasized the need for affirmative action and nondiscrimination policies (Williamson-Lott 60). This strategy successfully introduced the need for the University to push for nondiscriminatory policies. I believe there is more to complete because there should more strategies that prevent discrimination in student acceptance.

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  1. I agree with you as well in that DRES’ direct biggest challenge is in funding. There are a lot of innovations that they have in mind as well as new ones that have yet to be discovered, but the public or corporate funding for them do not exist. That’s why partnerships such as with Microsoft are especially crucial in expanding their impact.

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