Week 11 – Lab Reflection + Reading Response

Part 1: Lab – Excel Workshop

1b.)Lab/Post-Lab Assignment

  1. Question: How can organizations like the ROTC improve a student’s time management skills at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign?

This question will help me to research and analyze the time management skills that many ROTC students obtain through their four years at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Time management is important in a successful life. ROTC students excel at balancing their workload with their commitment to the Corp.

2. Pivot Table:

Currently the responses from the ROTC section are empty. However, I send the survey to more ROTC students at the University of Illinois. Hopefully they filled out the survey.

Excel Sheet:

3. My pivot table will answer the question because the table will show the answers made by the ROTC students will trend towards the “Strongly Agree” and “Agree” answers. Based off of my interview with Annika, the Freshman ROTC students will most likely Disagree with the statement, but the upperclassmen will Agree with the statement showing a growth in time management skills.

I will hope that the data will expands on my interview with Annika because she discussed that she struggled with managing her time during her freshman year. She eventually learned to balance school with her commitment to the Reserve Corp. The ROTC commitment requires a lot of time and sacrifice. Many of the freshman ROTC students should show a struggle with managing their time, but it depends on how quickly the students are able to balance their commitments.

Part 2: Reading Response

5 Different Applications:

  1. Genius – “The ability to annotate any page on the internet with commentary and additional information” (Andreessen).
  2. Genius – “Create the Internet Talmud” (Andreessen).
  3. Free-Net – “Brought email, discussion groups and the fledging World Wide Web to anyone with access to a computer and modem” (Newby).
  4. Prairienet – “first taste that many thousands of people had on the Internet, and offered a springboard to the many new opportunities for commercial dial-in services” (Newby).
  5. Mosaic – “gives the Internet what the Macintosh gave the personal computer: a navigation system that can be understood at a glance by anybody who can point and click a mouse” (Canales 154).

The difference between the Mosaic and other information access is the idea of the interface. Mosaic was one of the first used point-and-click interfaces for the internet that is used a navigational tool for exploring data. It became the first successful browser because it created an image of the internet for people to view and enjoy. If I were in the room working with Andreessen, Bina, and other young researchers, I would recommend that Mosaic offered students with disabilities the opportunity to use the interface through VoiceOver options and other accessibilities. This recommendation would give Mosaic a bigger audience.

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  1. Hi Alex, your question about how ROTC members improve time management directly corresponds to your research. The pivot table also displays evidence of the answer to your question and provides you with good data.

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