Week 12 – Lab + Reading Response

Part 1: Lab – Excel Workshop

1a) Lab/Post Lab Assignment

  1. Question: How can organizations like the ROTC improve a student’s time management skills at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign? This question contributes to the research topic because it compares the time management skills that come with organizations like the Reserve Officer Training Corps. The question could reveal the opinions of other organizations and compare them with students in ROTC. It could possibly show an emphasis on management skills that are important to have in college.
  2. Visualization:
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3. This visualization is easier to understand compare to the data from the pivot table because the visual presentation provides the viewer with a bigger picture. It uses colors and graphs to represent and organize the data. The graph shows that the majority of the students that took the survey show great time management skills which are important to be successful in college.

The visualization is better than the pivot table because the pivot table only shows the viewer numbers. The table creates a scale of the answers which separates it from just a couple of numbers. It displays the sum of each of the decisions. It’s important for visual learners to see the bigger picture of the data presented in this Pivot Chart. This will help me better understand the data regarding time management and the balance of academic work with extracurriculars like ROTC.

Part 2: Reading Response

2a) The purpose of this Champaign County Illinois Community Health Improvement Plan is to establish the demographics of the residents of the county and create the healthiest and safest community to live, work, and visit in the State of Illinois. The document discusses the major health problems faced with residents in the Champaign community. They have three focuses. They include: behavioral health, obesity, and violence. The document tries to focus on promoting police-community relations, improve access to healthy food options, and promote education and training on mental and behavioral health.

The document provides a lot of visuals that help to explain the processes and strategies included in the health improvement plan. They help to organize and clearly explain the data about the residents of Champaign County. This helps to readers to easily follow along with the plan. The maps helps to organize the demographics of people as well. The maps also reveal the patterns of demographics with household income and health insurance data.


I. Introduction

a. Background: The Reserve Officer Training Corps has been a prevalent part of the history of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

b. Thesis: Through organizations like the Reserve Officer Training Corp, students can obtain time management skills that will help them be successful at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

II. Body

a. Data Archives:

i. “The University of Illinois was the first of the educational institutions of the United States to offer its services and facilities to the government when the entrance of the United States into war with Germany was imminent in the spring of 1917” (“History of the United States Army School of Military Aeronautics at the University of Illinois Urbana, Illinois.”).

b. Data from Interview:

i. “I think it’s just kind of like a learning curve when you’re a freshman and you’re just like, it’s kind of a lot more responsibility than what you’re used to in high school, like within our fighting alumni battalion, our cadets, we kind of take leadership roles like squad leader, team leader, first sergeant, platoon sergeant, and all the way up to like battalion commander. And so as you progress in the program and progress, like in school, you’re getting more responsibility leadership responsibility in ROTC so it’s kind of part of the training where you just have to learn how to manage your time wisely. But I would say that, yeah majority of my time has to be spent on ROTC and just maintaining good grades I don’t really have a lot of time for like school related clubs, I’d say. But, yeah majority of my extra time has to be spent on the Reserve Officer Training Corp.” (Koester).

c. Readings

i. “In 1917 American students, faculty, and administrators experienced the euphoria of war, as had their counterparts in other belligerent nations 3 years before. Universities immediately proffered their services for training, research, and morale building but ended by abandoning their academic mission almost entirely” (Geiger 423).

d. Survey Data

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III. Conclusion

a. Through the archives, interview, and data survey, time management is revealed as an important trait that is pushed in organizations like ROTC. By understanding the data and lessons learned from these students in ROTC, students can be successful at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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