Week 12 – Lab Reflection + Reading Response

Lab Reflection


Does an individuals opinion of using edtech platforms change based on how frequently their college/coursework requires them to use it?

Reading Response

Part I

The main idea behind the reading is to inform people about MAPP. The Champaign-Urbana Public Health District (CUPHD) is the local public health authority for the Cities of Champaign and Urbana and Champaign County. This organisation along with the Carle Foundation has used the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership (MAPP) model, a community-based model that necessitates community engagement at all levels to conduct the Champaign Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). It talks about the main points of the model, and steps they had to take to establish it.

The section contains multiple visualizations and all the important points are well divided into subsections and the key points are bulletted for easy and concise reading. The article is written in simple and succint language and does a great job at explaining MAPP and the process revolving around it.

Part II

I. Introduction

a. Background

Ed-tech has been an integral and revolutionary part in modern education. It however, is not a new addition to university curriculum. This research paper will delve into the history of digital learning environments at UofI and the kind of impact they make on modern education.

b. Thesis

University of Illinois has a rich history of Computer Aided Educational environments. There are several aspects that need to be delved into starting from the history of Education technology at the University to the modern day imapact of these learning environments to aid students to study during the COVID pandemic.

II. Body

a. Data Archives:

i. “an excerpt from the digital archives of a research paper called ‘EXAMINING TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS ON E-LEARNING ACCEPTANCE AND LEARNING TRANSFER’. This article talks in detail about the implication of e-learning and how it has played a role in education at the University. This particular screenshot gives us a lot of information about how technology acceptance in education has increased over time. This data is important in understanding our target size for our research.

Use research papers like these to provide important historical and impact content to support the arguments made in my paper.

b. Data from Interview:

i. “It would not be the same to be honest, especially during COVID. I cannot imagine us being able to study without these platforms. Having these platforms makes it possible to communicate with the instructors and other students remotely. I don’t think discussions, and other kinds of activities could take place without them.”

Use excerpts from the interview to talk about student opinion on the impact of digital learning environments on the educational experience.

c. Readings

i. The PLATO reading will provide important historical data needed for the survey paper. PLATO was the first educational network that was founded at the University. It was also the building block for the present day internet. This invention was massive, and I will talk about its importance in aiding education at the University.

d. Survey Data

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III. Conclusion

Bring the whole research paper to a well rounded end. Talk about all the final observations and analysis made using all the data presented above. This shall be more detailed once the research paper has been written more in detail.

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