Week 13 – Lab Reflection + Reading Response

Part 1: Lab – Final Project Workshop

Part 2: Reading Response

I. Introduction

a. Background: The Reserve Officer Training Corps has been a prevalent part of the history of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. According to Rachel Melancon, contributing writer to the Daily Illini, “Reserve Officer Training Corps. is a program through the military that allows students to not only receive valuable scholarships towards their education but also provides them with the opportunity to enter the military with the status of officer.” This program provides the students with the opportunity to develop into military leaders.

As a Land Grant University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has received federal funding in order to continue the educational development of students across the country (Geiger 285). This information establishes an existing relationship between the University of Illinois with the federal government of the United States. The federal government’s influence on the university has resulted in military related educational developments.

b. Thesis: Through organizations like the Reserve Officer Training Corp, students can obtain time management skills that will help them be successful at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In order to understand the development of time management through the Reserve Officer Training Corps, we must discuss the data collected from the survey, archives, readings, and interviews.

II. Body

a. Data Archives:

i. “The University of Illinois was the first of the educational institutions of the United States to offer its services and facilities to the government when the entrance of the United States into war with Germany was imminent in the spring of 1917” (“History of the United States Army School of Military Aeronautics at the University of Illinois Urbana, Illinois.”).

The relationship between the federal government and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is prevalent in this quote. The imminent threat from the German military pushed the United States into war. The educational institutions like the University of Illinois provided the United States with recruits and resources to develop supporters for the military effort. This quote helps to show the balance between the funding of the federal government and the resources and man power of the University of Illinois.

b. Readings

i. “In 1917 American students, faculty, and administrators experienced the euphoria of war, as had their counterparts in other belligerent nations 3 years before. Universities immediately proffered their services for training, research, and morale building but ended by abandoning their academic mission almost entirely” (Geiger 423).

Geiger explains the relationship between the Land Grant Universities and the federal government of the United States. The university would provide training, research, and other developments while the federal government would provide the university with essential funding. The funding provided by the federal government helped the university to keep the school running and continue educating the young adults of the United States.

c. Data from Interview:

i. “I think it’s just kind of like a learning curve when you’re a freshman and you’re just like, it’s kind of a lot more responsibility than what you’re used to in high school, like within our fighting alumni battalion, our cadets, we kind of take leadership roles like squad leader, team leader, first sergeant, platoon sergeant, and all the way up to like battalion commander. And so as you progress in the program and progress, like in school, you’re getting more responsibility leadership responsibility in ROTC so it’s kind of part of the training where you just have to learn how to manage your time wisely. But I would say that, yeah majority of my time has to be spent on ROTC and just maintaining good grades I don’t really have a lot of time for like school related clubs, I’d say. But, yeah majority of my extra time has to be spent on the Reserve Officer Training Corp.” (Koester).

Annika explains that a lot of pressures are a part of the learning curve. When a student is given these responsibilities, he or she must recognize and manage it. Leadership is a major theme prevalent in her quote. It is important for a Reserve Officer Training Corp student to participate in the development of time management. The time commitment required by the ROTC forces students to develop a strategy that helps them to keep up with school, maintain a good GPA, and still have time for other activities and relationships. However, she says she has a hard time participating in other clubs because her commitment to the ROTC takes up the majority of her schedule.

d. Survey Data

i. Through the current data regarding Reserve Officer Training Corps students, one disagreed with the statement that they were able to successfully balance between their academic work with their commitment to organization. Three students agreed with the statement, one student was neutral, and two students strongly agreed to the statement in question 11. These results emphasize that the students that are in ROTC are capable of creating a balance between their course work in school with their commitment to the organization.

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III. Conclusion

a. Through the archives, interviews, and data survey, time management is revealed as an important trait that is pushed in organizations like ROTC. The archives and readings helped to establish the relationship between the Land Grant Univeristy with the federal government of the United States. During my interview with Annika, she emphasized the importance of camaraderie with time management and responsibility. The Reserve Officer Training Corps hold cadets accountable for their actions and management skills. The date helped to emphasize the balance between school and organizations that are required by ROTC students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Chamapign. By understanding the data and lessons learned from these students in ROTC, students can be successful at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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