Week 10 – Lab Reflection + Reading Response

Week 10 – Lab Reflection + Reading Response

This is a visualization from March, it is a chart depicting how prepared the countries were to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The index was decided based on 6 factors that are mentioned above the chart in the picture.

I re-designed the visualization, the previous chart only showcased the pandemic preparedness index, I changed this uni-axis chart into a 2d axis chart. With the x-axis showing the pandemic preparedness index and the y axis showing the number of covid cases in the respective countries. This was enabled the chart to put forth more information as well as serve its original purpose.

Week 10 – Lab Reflection + Reading Response


If I could redo this visualization, I would try to emphasize the holistic impact on the system of jobs being lost. At the moment, it shows the estimated low-income jobs by category pre county or metro area but I think that it would also be helpful to see how this impacts each county percentage wise. Seeing the number per county is helpful, but it doesn’t show the magnitude of how it affects/decimates each industry. Tying into then COVID-precautions and policy could be interesting too in order to highlight how more strict policies may lead to less of an effect on each industry of a particular county or state.

Week 10 – Lab Reflection + Reading Response

Re-Designing Visualizations:

Original Visualization:

Link: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/history-of-pandemics-deadliest/

Re-Design of Visual:

My new visualization changes the narrative because it demonstrates how many people a certain disease can infect without the use of vaccines. Although measles is portrayed as the most contagious, COVID-19 remains more infectious because there is a vaccine for measles. Additionally, there are other diseases that have higher chances of infecting more people than COVID-19, but all have a vaccination for them. According to the Infographic website, “The more people are immune to a disease, the less likely it is to proliferate, making vaccinations critical to prevent the resurgence of known and treatable diseases.” Since COVID-19 is new and without a confirmed vaccine, it is harder to create herd immunity for this specific disease until scientists come up with a cure to prevent spread.

Week 10 – Lab Reflection + Reading Response

Part 2: “Re-Designing Visualizations” Response



My visualization tries to change the narrative by emphasizing the ongoing pandemics that are affecting the world. AIDS/HIV and COVID-19 are still ongoing pandemics but the AIDS/HIV epidemic is still not resolved or stopped. Although COVID-19 is a major problem right now, we shouldn’t forget on going pandemics like HIV/AIDS. My redesign tries to simplify the major impact the bubonic plague had on the world population which is easily read by the graph. However, it compares current pandemics in the present day which are minuscule to to the deaths of the past.